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Thread: Anybody Interested In Some Fantasy RP?

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    Default Anybody Interested In Some Fantasy RP?

    I take a liking to fantasy and adventure stuff! A lot of my characters are mythical humanoids such as Demons and other critters alike. I知 interested in writing with any character as long as they値l mesh well into a fantasy setting!

    Most of my characters are buff dudes, and I have plenty of visual examples for those interested in seeing any art of them! I知 open to any type of interactions, so hmu if you池e interested!

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    Fantasy role-playing, certainly with adventure possible in it, is really what interests me being here, while still I have compromised with getting into others' sci-fi stuff or other agendas here, though I don't look for those things in themselves. I can have mythical beings included, but like openness to further creativity beyond those. I would like activity with it several times a week, at least, for one thread with that. For this we should discuss ideas for it ahead of using an in-character thread to write for it with our role-playing. How would that be?

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