After living near the beach for years, Devan has always noticed not just the tourists that comes and goes as well as the courteous familiar locals, but also the seals that have always been a staple to his oceanside home. The furry aquatic mammals have always been friendly to people and oddly intelligent at most times, such as brushing off trash at few parts of the beach or even looking after young swimmers from going far off the ocean. They even help fishermen herd fishes into the nets, making them just as good neighbors as the locals. But Devan always wonder..."Why is that?"

Could it be that these seals are just not as nervous as others of their kind? or they somehow seem to recognize the humans around them are more respectful to the ocean?.....Or is it something else?

Determined to solve this mystery, Devan stayed behind in the beach at night, hiding behind some rocks to see the seals gather under the clear night sky. To his shock, he sees the skin of the seals' split apart from their backs, revealing to be gorgeous women underneath. Each as different in figure and looks, but all divine feminine beauties. As they set their pelts in a pile and enjoyed their company by song and dance in their human forms, Devan then realized what these seals were all along. Selkies.

Devan remembers legends of affectionate shapeshifters usually taken the form of a ordinary seal but can attain a human form by taking their seal-skin off of them as if taking off a snug coat. You also remember that such legends states that if one finds a selkie's seal-skin while she's not wearing it, they could take claim of it, bounding the selkie to the holder of their pelt. But Devan couldn't do that to a selkie; one who has been nothing but generous to the people of this beach...could he?

And could it be possible that after helping the people of this beachside town, perhaps one of those selkies would want to become more closer to humans, even if it would be at the risk of misplacing their seal-skin and unable to return to the ocean?

So I'm sure this is clear that this prompt is based around the legend of the selkie, but the details would be up to us to decide. This doesn't need to be exact to the legends; which is the point of the RP. This could be wholesome or lean more to smutty. Hope to hear from you