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Thread: Long Shot Fandom Rps

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    Default Long Shot Fandom Rps

    Long shots I know.....

    () Character in these are ones I am asking you to be.

    Be long term.

    I do play male by the way.

    I am NOT against mxm or fxf. That being said if the character isn't into such don't force me into doing it.

    Don't dump me cause you are "busy". I can wait on replies..I am a very busy gal.

    I have spelling and grammar issues. This a issue? Move along! Don't waste my time or yours.

    My role plays tend to be darker with some fluff. Be warned.


    If someone is willing to stick with me esp for Digimon rp.......I will love you forever.

    The Good Doctor (Shaun)
    Big Bang Theory (Sheldon)
    South Park (Kyle)
    Doctor Who (Doctor)
    Digimon (Ken)
    Supernatural (Sam/Cas)
    Criminal Minds (Reid)
    Fantastic Beasts (Newt)
    Xmen (Charles)
    Back to the Future (Doc)
    My Chemical Romance (Gerard Way)
    Young Sheldon (Sheldon)
    The Great Mouse Detective (Basil)
    The Immortals (Numair)
    Pushing Daises (Ned)
    Fruits Basket (Yuki)
    Big Hero Six (Tadashi/Baymax)
    Edward Scissorhands (Edward)
    Encanto (Bruno) ((maybe))
    Ghostbusters /Ghostbusters Afterlife (Eagon)
    Harry Potter (Snape, Remus)
    Twilight (Edward, Carlisle)
    Project 863 ((maybe))
    Jurassic Park/World ((MAYBE I wont be Owen btw))

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    I can see a few of these off the top of my head that I would be all for RPing. Encanto, X-Men, Harry Potter, and Fantastic Beasts are my first gut-instinct picks, and possibly others as well with some more research.

    Do you have any particular plots in mind? I may have some of my own, if you’d like to mix and match ideas.
    Thanks for the set, Kicks!

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    Hi there! I do have a plot sorta for XMen. The others I am open . Take your pick I am open for 1 or more.

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    The ones I think of is doctor who and Fantastic beasts.
    I'm open to emulating a certain character, but I normally like doing original characters. Something of my own making.
    But considering my somewhat near love of doctor who, and even some interest in fantastic beasts, I wouldn't mind doing either of those. I certainly wouldn't mind being the doctor, 9-12 being pretty good ones (though I've not seen the new female one. they took it off of Netflix).
    Newt is also a very interesting character.
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