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Thread: Interview With The Vampire RP?

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    Default Interview With The Vampire RP?

    I'm in search of roleplay partners who might be interested in doing something with Lestat and Louis from "Interview With The Vampire" that's set in the modern era. Not sure on an idea just yet, but the things I like most in an ABDL rp are: Mental regression, spanking, bondage, some humiliation (usually light), messing and lots of fluff. If anyone out there is interested, please let me know. I have discord to rp on as well.

    If you're interested but have never seen "Interview With The Vampire", I have another idea featuring my two vampire characters, Draven and Vincent, where due to only being 200 years old, Vincent is the youngest vampire in his coven and naturally, this basically makes him a newborn compared to all the older vampires. As a result, he's given the mentality or treated like one, with Draven becoming his Daddy.

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    Hi @XIntoOblivionX; and welcome to the forum!

    Before getting started please read our site rules (in particular the rules for Mature RPs) - and once that’s out the way, here are some other links to help you find your way around, as well as increase your post count and get you upgraded to member status:

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