Mary said, "Yes. But what are we to do? Do you think we are to have her take them back with her? She came to see me and have the chance to meet you."

"And she does. She will now know there is a higher will for me to follow, and it would be for you and others. She knows now more about me than she does about most people in this village."

"Yeshua! You are really only a little child. You only turned five a little time ago. And you do not even talk like a child." Mary turned to her friend and close relative, Elishifa. "He really is like this a lot and it is hard for me to understand. But he is not like anyone else."

Elishifa said, "I an not hurt. I will take these things back. He is not hungry, anyway. But sometime maybe I can hear something about the different way he thinks is important explained to me."

Mary said, "You might come again and hear him. But don't be surprised that you might not really understand what he is telling us."

"Well as you say he just turned five."

"Yes, but it is not that, which I mean. I can't dismiss what he says, Elishifa. He does things with control that we cannot see how he does, and that he just turned five does not help me understand it with anything he says."