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Thread: looking for an rp partner

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    Default looking for an rp partner

    hi, I'm new to this website and basically the world of roleplaying so I'd love for someone to guide me through

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    Hi @blackswan; and welcome to the forum!

    To get started, I suggest that you post around in a few threads, and then the forum will automatically upgrade you to full member status. Before you do that though, please have a quick read of our site rules. Once thatís out the way, here are some other helpful links (if you haven't found your way around already):

    Downtown where you can get to know our members through random conversations and silly posting games

    Entertainment section for discussing your favourite hobbies and interests

    Here to browse or post group RP requests

    Here to browse or post 1x1 RP requests

    Feel free to talk to some of the other recent newbies in this section, and donít be shy about PM-ing one of the moderators (green or purple names) if you have a question or need some help finding writing partners.

    And finally, if you like it here, please consider giving RPA your vote on the roleplay site rankings (you can vote every day!)
    Spoiler: My RP links 

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