Jaregon had to remember get up to get going as early as he could manage, so he arose when he woke, before the sun was up. He washed and had bread with spicy spread he ate right away, and washed it down with a fruity tea, and made himself presentable, and went out when the sun had just come up. Then he went toward Filter Park.

There he did not see anyone, so he went to the place to sit at the base of the great figure in that park, and watched for Fornesak.

Jaregon thought yet more on the passage that ran underground below this place, which some had used carrying something from further by the outskirts probably to a place just a little way from that park. Could they find out more about it?

After some time, he saw Fornesak approaching. Fornesak saw him, and came there right away. Fornesak said, "Ah, you are here already. Did you get here a lot earlier?"

"I got here a little after the sun was coming up."

"That was a little while ago, it is still early morning less than hour since then, when we wanted to be here. I think with us both here, we can talk of anything loud enough, and that one staying in there can know we are here and open up for us. We told him we would include him in our investigation."

Jaregon said, "We must also be ready to go before the next day comes to that place to meet to the side of the Doohop Bar, where we would be ready to go with Tuharlion and others for their mission."

"I understand that. We will not spend most of this day investigating over here. We can then leave to get enough rest to be up much earlier, before morning comes again."

The door near them in the base of the great figure in the park opened, and they saw it was that same scrawny man with a beard hanging low from his face and moderately lengthy hair on his head. That man said, "I knew it was both of you. I had looked further. I found that something had been dropped in that passage below."