I swear I'm nicer and way more chill than the first part of this post makes me sound, I've just learned to be concise and firm about what I'm looking for to keep from wasting anyone's time.

Getting the important stuff out of the way first. I am over 18 and my partner must be as well. This is non-negotiable. I don't double, I don't enjoy it and I can't keep things organized in my head. I use Discord exclusively. I write third person past tense and am a very literate roleplayer. I play exclusively OCs and am looking for people to play CCs specifically. I've been doing this for over 15 years so I am well versed in all parts of running an rp. I don't mind showing people the ropes so long as their starting point is something I can work with.

I'm a very active rp partner, I want a partner that can match that level, multiple posts a day is my default and what I would like to keep to. I also prefer a partner that is going to work WITH me to shape the story as we go. I know the paragraph above makes me sound like it, but I'm not a dictator and I find nothing kills a story faster than one person pulling all the weight and making all the decisions.

Alright, now that the business talk is out of the way, let's get on to the fun stuff. I'm looking for someone to play either Vax'ildan Vessar or Percival Fredrickstein Von Mussel Klossowski De Rolo III against one of my OCs. I can edit the ideas to make them work with just the show, but experience with stream/podcast is preferred. The story ideas are as follows.

For Vax- There are a few different approaches we could take but the one that is holding my attention the most right now is as follows:

It's a "what if" scenario that would involve the "girl from our world in Exandria" trope. The idea would be to explore what all would change if someone with that much foreknowledge were to be introduced to the people who had the power to change what happens as it's happening. There would be a romance angle because I'm a sap, and who doesn't enjoy a little wish fulfillment, but I would like the focus to remain primarily on the story.

Another idea that has been forming rather steadily is the idea of someone from the twins' past popping up in Emon during one of the sillier moments between the Kraghammer and the Briarwood arcs. My working character design is another rogue, potentially a member of the Clasp that knew Vax and Vex from their time in Syngorn. They would randomly meet, perhaps when Vax is trying to find Kynan to give him the daggers, and things would develop naturally from there.

I don't have a fully formed vision for the third idea yet, but it would involve having my OC taking Vax's place at the Raven Queen's side at some point in the story, possibly after he's disintegrated by Vecna. The majority of the story would obviously take place post stream, but it could be a fun idea to play through.

For Percy I only really have the one over all idea, but there are a lot of details to play with. My OC would be a someone he knew before he left Whitestone, a servant that he was close with. She was taken in as an orphan after she was found wandering by the secret passage in the side of the mountain and a crush developed and blossomed between them until she was forced to leave.

The reason is up for discussion, but my working idea is that she began to attract an unsafe amount of attention from the male servants and decided it was time to try her luck out in the world.

She heard about what happened to the De Rolos when she came back to make good on a promise she made to Percy and spent the five years he was in hiding thinking he was dead. It isn't until she hears about Vox Machina that she realizes she may have been sold a lie and comes to see for herself what is true.

My OC has her own story that would move the plot along, to keep things from getting stale and/or being a retread of the campaign story. I'll be happy to share that story with anyone who is interested in starting a story and the details are always up for editing if they aren't something that interests you.

If any of this sounds like something you would be interested in, my discord is Nibs and Quills#0483