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Thread: [M] The Throne of Gods: Memories of Divinity - IC

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    Visana’s fingers trembled on the grip of the sword, because she could do nothing. Nothing. Herself, armed with star-fire, the stranger vibrating with power after drinking a thousand years of potential in a heartbeat - Malphas was still smiling because it all meant nothing. The distance between the knife and Aegis’ throat was too short - shorter than the reach of her blade, shorter even than the distance between her fingertips and the spells that might have saved him. Move to protect, and she would destroy.

    "Well, Sovereign of Rulers," Malphas taunted, lowering the blade closer to Aegis’ exposed neck, her grip on his brown hair rough and unforgiving, "Do you have any parting words for your fellow comrades?"

    Malphas, the Duchess of Pain, the Wrackmaven, gifted them all a razor-cold smile. If Minos’ voice was a spike hammered through the skull, hers was a silken glove closing around Visana’s throat. She stood behind Aegis, dagger poised. The Eternal’s own words - his last words - were bittersweet, not only passing his mantle to the Timekeeper who had saved Visana twice already, but putting a name to the stranger who had fought to free them.

    Moriteva - the Lifeweaver. She knew him by reputation if not by sight, but Malphas’ dagger smile told them that they had run out of time and life both.

    But then, Aegis smiled.

    And then everything seemed to happen at once. The Eternal spoke, his command irresistible as a storm front. The illusion of Malphas scattered like a cloud of fireflies. An army of Consumed roared their mistress’ thwarted rage, and the eyeless creatures surged across the stands towards them. In the smoking caldera of the arena floor, Silvanus raised up a vortex of spinning runestones, slitting his palm to imbue them with the power of a god’s blood.

    "You treacherous insect!" Minos's voice reverberated through the arena, a cacophony of wrath. The Lord of Judgment seethed with anger, his many insectoid arms raised high into the air.

    Atrophos reacted, dust boiling up with a gesture and zagging across the ground towards the sin-reaper.

    "For your blasphemous transgression against the Duchess," Minos’ voice was a fell harmony, shrieking and growling. As the sound hammered pain behind her eyes, Visana remembered the Lifeweaver’s whispered words. Minos only seems to be able to pass judgement when he speaks.

    Her sword swept down, its point cutting the lines of a glyph through the air.

    "I," Minos sputtered, already choking on the dust, "Pass judgement upon y—"

    The end of the curse was sliced short as a rippling, ice-blue globe sprang up around the sin-reaper, twin to the one that Visana had raised around herself to hold the crushing tree at bay. Protection turned prison.

    Minos shimmered as if through water, clawing soundlessly at the bubble while the light bending through it twisted him into grotesque shapes. The dust trapped inside with him surged gleefully, and Visana glanced at Atrophos as the strangest thought occurred to her: normally she and the god of decay were polar opposites, scattering the iron filings of life as they fought to repulse each others’ influence. And now for the first time in her long memory, the preserver and the perisher had knowingly collaborated. It was too strange, and she couldn’t hold his gaze for more than a moment.

    She turned to Minos instead. She and her companions were free now, and they would not be stopped. Earth was bleeding, and for all she knew Elysium with it. How long had she been imprisoned in the twilight down here - a week, a month? Too long. Too many humans’ pleas unanswered, too many prayers lost in the smothering gulf between Terra and Hades. The Fall had been traumatic, but this was intolerable.

    “I told you,” she hissed, throwing all her pent-up frustration at the sin-reaper, “To run.”

    An extended palm, a thrum of power. Minos’ scream of rage was lost within the bubble as both he and it were propelled away from the coliseum stands, over the broken-tooth battlements, and down out of sight.
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    For a brief period of time, it seemed as though the peace Mahisu sought would be granted. However, the violent demeanor of Minos and a selection of the deities he had been sent to rescue dashed the hopes the Hunter God had for any sort of amicable parting. His frustrations obvious, Mahisu yelled out "Are you all truly so bloodthirsty that you would eschew even the idea of peace?!" However, the appearance of Malphas ensured his words fell upon deaf ears.

    "What is Malphas doing here?" thought Mahisu as he snuffed out his life signs using one of his special abilities. No way did he want any part of whatever Malphas was here for. Unfortunately, he hadn't masked his presence quickly enough. Merely glaring in his direction and smirking, the Duchess of Pain sent a particularly nasty illusion to Mahisu. One of the few "hunts" he had ever failed, and an all too fitting nightmare considering that he was currently in Hades... she projected to him a vision of the Devourer. An incredibly rare and powerful aberration of a typical Consumed, it is a beast that has tasted the flesh of no less than twenty-five divine beings during its existence.

    Mahisu's body froze in an almost catatonic state as his mind was ravaged by the illusory monster. He darted around the arena, which had been restored with barriers intact to prevent escape. The mighty Devourer dogging him at every moment, Mahisu could barely mount an offensive. Worse yet, he was unable to fully utilize his instant-kill curse due to the amalgamated divine power within the Devourer's form. In his initial encounter, Mahisu mistakenly assumed the Devourer to be undead. That mistake was just one reason he now feared the monster that currently chased him around the arena.

    Yet as he engaged the Devourer within the illusion, his body remained motionless in reality. The God of the Hunt was reduced to a drooling and unresponsive heap against the wall near the final destroyed rune stone. All that kept him from being eaten alive by Consumed was the fact he had muted his life signs before Malphas enveloped him in his current nightmare. This state would not last for long without his concentration, however. With his mind occupied by the powerful illusion, would he soon fall to the lowly Consumed?

    The answer was no. A sudden burst of power and declaration from Aegis dispelled the illusions placed upon the present deities and banished the phantasmal incarnation of Malphas herself. Snapping back to reality, Mahisu found himself an a panic as a pair of Consumed had begun to investigate the slowly increasing life signs of the previously incapacitated god. Immediately summoning his divine knife, Mahisu gutted the two beings and bolted to the side of his two eldest friends, Moriteva and Aegis.

    Now close enough to not require shouting, Mahisu had just one thing to say to the God of Kings. "Now what?"
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    At first there was only darkness that surrounded him when he heard the word sleep. Then suddenly he was suddenly surrounded by light. This light took shape and then the scene surrounding him was his house. The one that he lived in before he had been captured, The same house that was probably burned to the ground by those bastards that he fought. Shaking his head he sent the memory back to the abyss of his mind. He didn’t need a reminder of everything he has lost.

    Sitting in the familiar chair he looked at the building and sighed. The sounds of what was happening outside his mind were all but defining. He couldn’t enjoy this place, and the anger of that man placing him under this spell made him want to do nothing more than to strike him. He had the audacity to think that he needed his protection. That he was a member of that group of deities. He didn’t need them, and they definitely didn't need him.

    This situation he was in is all because he decided to protect his children. If he would have just not interfered then maybe that god would have left him alone. However, he did make those fans, and they seemed to really want him to live. Luna and Sager were special children. He had made them where they could act on their own. Yet he didn’t remember why he did such a thing. Giving a light sigh he closed his eyes. To try and block out the noises that came from the outside.

    The sounds of fighting filled his ears. Then the fighting stopped and he could hear her voice. The voice of the woman that took the life he hadaway from him. The one that tried to force him to make her a new weapon. Anger filled his heart as he could only listen as she tormented the other deities. Then suddenly a scream filled his head and he instinctively covered his ears. The sound was defining, and it made his head hurt. Then suddenly all of the noise stopped. Silence surrounded him as he opened his eyes to look around.

    What he saw not was not his house. He was in the middle of a dead forest. Blackened trees surrounded the small clearing he was in. There had once been a small what looked to be a watering hole, but it was all dried up, and in the center of that crater there was what looked like a stone altar. He looked at his surroundings curiously since he had never seen this place before. Had this been a concoction of the god that placed him under this spell? There was no reason for concern since this was all in his own head, so he decided to look around, and the first stop would be the altar.

    He was curious as to why something like this would appear in his mind. He had never seen a place like this in all of his travels, and certainly he would have never imagined a place like this. As he reached the altar he realized it was made of a white stone. Upon closer inspection he saw that there were scenes carved into the stone. As he looked at the scene they were of two people arguing over something. As he continued to walk around the altar to try and decipher more of the scene, yet they didn’t make much sense. The only other scene was of the two people going their separate ways with the shape of an unfinished weapon between them

    “What kind of things is that God into?” Lunae spoke to himself for the first time since he was placed in this place. He didn’t expect an answer, but he suddenly heard a clapping sound coming from behind him. He quickly turned around to see a hooded person behind him. The hood was blood red with gold serpent designs woven into the fabric.

    “Long time no see.” the person said in a masculine voice as the hooded figure moved closer to Lunae. The voice sounded familiar, but he couldn’t place where. He backed up right into the altar and looked at the hooded figure.

    “Who are you?”

    “Come now. What a short memory you have. Who would have ever thought you would forget me as well.” The hooded figure said as he suddenly disappeared. Lunae was immediately on high alert. He didn’t know why but that voice was familiar, and something told him that he was in trouble. However, no matter how he looked at it, this was a dream, and nothing should be able to hurt him in his own dream.

    Suddenly the man was behind him on the other side of the altar, and grabbed his long hair using it to pull the god onto the stone. The hooded man drug Lunae into position as the stone altar changed slightly; it was like a part of the stone liquified, and grabbed a hold of his wrists and ankles. Pulling them to each side of the altar and burying them into the stone before becoming hard once more.

    This all happened in a master of seconds, and Lune didn’t have a chance to fight back. Now he was helpless to fight back, and he was unsure if this was still a dream or not. Everything pointed to a dream, but in his gut he felt a dread overcoming him. There was no way he was in a different place. This had to be a dream. There was no other explanation.

    “I will have to thank Silvannus for giving you to me on a silver platter. I wonder if he understands what he has done?” The man said as he circled Lunae. Eyeing the god as he struggled to get his freedom back.

    “What are you talking about?”

    “Oh come now. Are you going to say you don’t know why I am here, and what your reunion entails?”

    “Stop talking like I know who you are.”

    “Such a shame. I guess then this is going to be pointless.”

    “What the hell am I doing? I am acting like this is not a dream. Man, I must be losing it.”

    “Well that is not the issue. You really trust your instincts better. Your body remembers, even if your mind is still clouded.”

    Lunae looked at the man he thought was nothing but a figment of his dream, and he spoke of his body knowing who he was. What was this illusion talking about? He was nothing more than a figment. He was going to say something however a gleam of light caught his attention and this was followed by a searing pain.

    In the real world Lune was floating behind Silvannus thanks to Luna and Sage. his body was still as a board, but he was breathing normally. As the events unfolded Luna and Sage put Lunae down, and went to work as per their master's orders. Aegis spoke to some of the other deities, as Malphas used her illusions on the gods. Making them nothing more than toys to play with. She even went as far as to tell the three that were trying to protect one another in which order they were going to die.

    Lunae who was standing motionless behind Silvannus as his incantation began. His body was unmoving however, something did happen: his face scrunched up in pain, and golden blood started to flow from his closed eyes.

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    As Marette stood before an illusion, behind which was truly Aegis, bent and seemingly broken, her mind raced. Had she truly just offered herself as a sacrifice? The end of the watch of the timekeeper. Outwardly, Marette would show no sign of internal debate. In uncertain times, after the fall, perhaps it was for the best that others be allowed to carry the torch forward, if it only mean they simply had a chance. But to end her own life would mean an end to her ongoing mission. To identify the killer of the True King, to ensure the throne passed into the hands of the truly worthy.

    But none of that mattered. Her name had been invoked, and if there had been any doubt it was now erased. The commanding force of the voice brought a genuine smile to her face. There was no mistaking that it was Moriteva, life itself had come to intervene, to free her from the cage she had so willingly stepped into. Marette's eyes drew closed as she processed what he had said. Of course he was right, Marette knew she hadn't been circling Malphas, but rather one of their own number. If it had been anyone else, she wouldn't have tolerated such correction.

    The memories which were never far from her grasp bubbled quickly to the forefront of her mind. All of the time they had sat with one another, sipping the tea he had so carefully, delicately prepared. Staring out into the distance, or at one another the two had endless conversations on various philosophies. Each one challenging the other without a hint of hesitation. As ever, Moriteva's continued speech was enough to break her from the grasp of the past which so often held Marette down. Here he was, countermanding her own sacrifice by offering his. Moriteva had taken responsibility, a simple act which commanded Marette's respect, even if she longed to shout to stop him.

    Minos. Minos was ever the interruptor. The horrific and bone shaking voice was irritating to put it mildly. The constant need to lash out, to defend his Queen. While one was never truly happy to be threatened by the Duchess of Pain, at least her words were enough to silence the foul beast that was the God of Judgment once more. It was the little things that one had to be thankful for.

    Those cold and skeletal hands once again reached out to touch Marette, to defile her in their own way. Combing through her hair, complimenting it, noting how it would make her head worthy of the Duchess' throne room. Marette stood perfectly still and unwavering as the dark spectre stood with her back pressed to Marette's own. These games. These petty games, the threatening. Marette had seen this time and time again, all to varying degrees of success. Malphas was no more original than the humans below, the only difference being that Malphas actually had the power to back up her threats, which would require her to grow tired of the toying with her prey.

    It didn't take long for Malphas to continue on her tirade and to single out one amongst them as the first real target. Aegis. The God of Kings, what a surprise that had been. Marette with her hand on the divine rod of confluence was prepared to intervene when some of his last words had managed to catch the timekeeper by surprise.

    "Marette, our differences aside, your unwavering bravery has always been a source of admiration. I have no doubt that the Order faction will thrive under your leadership. And you are correct, not every King deserves to be saved..."

    Surprising. That was the tip of the iceberg of the emotions that surged through Marette. It was true, the two deities had drastically different approaches. Marette ever patient, unwilling to interfere. Aegis, headstrong, reckless. And now he offered her a compliment, and appeared to be prepared to hand the reins of leadership to her. The kindness was unfathomable.

    "A true king wouldn't make such a reckless attack without knowing the direct consequences of his action."

    Marette sighed, there it was again. Aegis was many things, chief among them was arrogant. Those very words implying he full well knew what he was doing, and that yes, he had a plan. This was almost something Marette could respect. Almost. As the God of Kings continued down his list of thank yous and goodbyes, the Goddess of Time waited for the other shoe to drop, as it were. He meant to send her a message and he had succeeded.

    And within a moment, Aegis had used his divine authority to banish Malphas' illusion, even if it was just temporary. His entire show had been about testing his own theories, he almost got himself killed to give them a moment of peace, a moment to escape. Was it brave? Perhaps. Was it stupid? Yes. Aegis had so much potential to truly lead, and yet he chose stupidity and vainglory. Aegis with ever the need to be the hero of not only his own story, but everyone elses' as well. But never the less his display of power had garnered him a modicum of the Goddess' respect. Even she would not let him die, once they were out of here, Marette would do her best with the others to treat his wounds, give him another chance to make a fool of himself.

    Marette wasted little time, she stepped forward, the black of her robes of mourning trailing along the floor as she moved, so perfectly light on her feet. Marette stopped before Moriteva, her hands extending outward, her delicate porcelain fingertips clasping at the fabric of his hood, in a moment she had it set down, exposing his face. "You've always been an old fool, Mori." Marette smiled, her words were warm and sincere. "To think that I would allow Life to so quickly sacrifice itself... You'd never give Death the satisfaction." Marette turned her head back to cast a glance at Aegis, clinging to life and Silvanus who was clearly hard at work.

    "You'll pay for this later." Marette's smile turned to more of a smirk. The feeling of warmth and peace that lay within her was exploding outward, reassuring her that they would be alright. He was willing to sacrifice himself for her, that would not go unnoticed. "Shall we live to fight another day?" Marette asked, her hand outstretched now to take his into her own and move him toward the others, grateful for the small touch, the contact that part of her had so desperately missed. "Silvanus. You'd best be well on your way to finishing this." She called out, glancing out as the others, Atrophos and Visana in particular using this opportunity to rid the group of Minos and his incessant whining.
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    Moriteva's speech had accomplished exactly what he was hoping for; he had managed to get Malphas' full attention. Even as the illusion swung around to face him fully, Moriteva did not budge from his spot. Even as Malphas torturously treated Marette like a doll, stroking her hair and calmly and deliberately thinking out loud on how lovely it would be to cut her head clean off her shoulders as a trophy. Moriteva said nothing, though his free hand clenched ever so slightly. Not exactly a fantastic start to negotiations, but perhaps she was merely intimidating because she could. Even as she appeared before the hooded figure, calmly mentioning her desire for wanton bloodshed and absolute supremacy, Moriteva held his ground. He wasn't about to cow to the Duchess' boasts and calls for violence just because she made them. He had come too far for that. Only when she mentioned the death of Aegis, began to go into excruciating detail on the order she'd pick them off, one by one, did Moriteva speak once again. "I'm afraid I cannot allow that. The feast I could manage if you like." Internally, Moriteva's thoughts were racing. He'd thought perhaps the Duchess had some semblance of reason, that he could negotiate some sort of deal, but his ability to broker peace in others seemed to falter in the face of something he'd not had to contend with in aught on millennia: Pure, unfiltered megalomania. There was nothing he could do to shift this outcome. He could see the look of sheer glee in her eyes as she postulated on their demise, and for the first time since he'd arrived in Tartarus, Moriteva bristled with a slow-burning anger. How foolish he'd been. He'd sought all of their salvations, and now risked doing nothing at all, and perhaps even hastening their deaths.

    Marette, I'm sorry.

    However, as Malphas' illusion teleported its way to Aegis' side, her arrogant allowance of final words caused the hooded figure to tense. She was giving them time. She was so confident they had no way out that she would even allow Aegis to speak. There was an opening. I'm sorry to bother you, but one last time... Moriteva spoke to the tree once again, keeping his hidden gaze burning with life's fire fixed on the obsidian blade that had lowered to the God of Kings' neck. If she makes a move, I need your strength to knock the blade away. Not a moment before, only when the time is right... Though the tree spoke not in return, he could sense a hint of frustration from its core. Clearly it simply wished to be left alone, which the Warden sympathized with. Thankfully, though, he caught no hint of refusal.

    Aegis' words had Moriteva caught somewhat off guard. He'd figured out the identity of the man behind the hood...though his kind words were more of a surprise. They almost sounded like a requiem of sorts...a passing good-bye. This isn't the end, leader of leaders. Your coil does not come to its end here, I swear it. Though he did not speak, he quietly formulated his next move. There was something he could do, perhaps something the others could do, that would give them a chance...

    And then, Moriteva heard-and felt-the reverberations of a direct command that, even though he was not its recipient, he felt compelling forces suggesting he obey. The illusion vanished, and Aegis dropped to the ground, clearly spent of all his strength. With the Duchess of Pain's illusion gone, a hidden smile came to Moriteva's face. "Not bad, my lord...not bad at all." Moriteva released his touch on the ancient oak, taking a breath for what Moriteva realized was the first he'd taken in minutes. Yet even as he took a step, the angry screeching of the spider he'd left behind deigned to grace his ears. With a frown, Moriteva's hand reached for the lance he'd buried in the sands a moment earlier, intending to make good on his threat he'd made minutes before. However, before he'd been given the chance, a sphere of bright blue silence surrounded Minos as he seemed to claw at his own maw in pain and rage. He'd noticed some of Atrophos' dust headed that way; as Visana knocked the ball of judgment away and out of sight, Moriteva exhaled again, allowing a smile to come to his face. "I truly should learn to trust my companions..." Moriteva was used to relative seclusion, and never fought in a group before. He occasionally forgot his fellow deities were just as powerful as he was; he didn't need to shoulder the responsibility for every little thing.

    Footsteps drew his attention back to the others, and within a moment Marette was within a step of him. Moriteva blinked once, unsure what her intentions were, until she'd reached up and pulled back the hood masking his identity from the rest of the captives. What she was greeted with was a ruffle of messy brown hair sitting atop a slightly perplexed face, as though he was only just processing that she was face to face with him for the first time in what felt like an age. His eyes still burned with the power of life filling him to the brim, but his expression quickly melted from surprise into a gentle smile as his mind caught up with the moment, and those words he'd heard so many times reached his ears. The old fool he was...

    "It's good to see you too." Moriteva responded in the calmest way he could manage, keeping eye contact with the goddess he'd spent the most time with outside his own faction. While Balance tended to remain neutral between factions, he couldn't help but spend time with Marette over the millennia, both in Eden and Elysium time and again. It was rare he found company willing to simply watch the passing of the day and the leaves turn, discussing everything under the sun and tossing questions at each other with no true answer, simply to discuss to try and unravel the mysteries of existence that even the gods could not decipher. Marette had been a special friend in that regard, and he'd learned to treasure what times the two could spend as friends. He'd never anticipated having to come to her rescue, though...

    Her quip had Moriteva smiling. "For what it's worth, I had no intention of anyone dying, including myself...I had the utmost faith that we would all walk away." A lie clearly meant to inspire, but a lie nonetheless-for a minute or two, Moriteva was prepared to write away both of their lives as forfeit, a blunder in attempting peace with the unpeaceable. "My sole mistake was attempting to negotiate with a terrorist." Moriteva looked up to the tower once more. She was up there...he was almost sure. Seething with rage and searching for the quickest path down to personally raze their lifeforce from their bodies, for certain. Moriteva's thoughts began to carry to planning a route of escape before a gentle touch reminded him of where he was. His hand instinctively squeezed Marette's own as he let himself follow her towards the other deities.

    Her insistence that he would pay for his self-sacrifice was met with a warm smile. "Fine, fine. But let's discuss my punishment after we're safe." Moriteva walked with Marette, hand gently clasped in her own for a moment before he reached Aegis, still in the dirt and evidently struggling to cling to life. He released Marette's hand for the moment then, kneeling down to the fallen god. "You placed us on your back in that moment. Now please, let me place you on mine." Moriteva spoke both figuratively and quite deliberately; gingerly he hoisted Aegis onto his back, carrying him with his borrowed strength with all the difficulty that a student carried a knapsack.

    While Moriteva was more than prepared to lead everyone out of the arena, it seemed Silvannus was already preparing an exit. The sight of Ridstus carrying a particularly large grenade, however, had Moriteva frowning. "You plan on leveling this place? Do you only wish to make her more incensed?" He said nothing of breaking his promise to the tree, knowing none but perhaps Marette would truly understand in that regard. He shifted his grip on Aegis slightly, staying close to Marette and Mahisu. "Silvannus, let me know when you're prepared, and I'll see how I can go about helping, alright?" He glanced up at his old friend, wondering if he'd figured out who'd been sent to his aid earlier, only to notice another familiar face nearby for the first time, wrapped up in those curious fans he'd always had questions about. Lunae...and Silvannus. Wait a minute...
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    Eyes closed, and ancient words spilling from his mouth, Silvannus’ form emitted a soft shimmer. He was so deep in his incantation, he hadn’t noticed Malphas’ illusion preparing to slay Aegis, but the words of the god of kings reached his ears, and a newfound vigor to help them overcome Tartarus filled him. Just as Malphas’ blade neared Aegis’ neck, the illusions she’d cast on two members of their party vanished. He could not occupy his mind with what they were going through. It was dangerous to use such chaos magic. His long lost secret mentor Baldramort would have told him to embrace the chaos that ran through his veins, but his Monarch, the great Selrina would tell him to embrace the balance, to allow there to be equilibrium in his mind and heart.

    He had no doubt that after Aegis's display, Malphas would be out for blood. Something troubled him after Aegis’ words. He had mentioned his quest to awaken Selrina, but he had used the title of “mother” to address her. Silvannus’ mind had to concentrate on the incantation. It was dangerous to allow things to cloud his mind. He would need to ask Aegis when they were out of the arena and able to rest. Their journey would only get rough from here on. One last obstacle still remained. The god of judgment had yet to meet his end, but Visana and Atrophos had performed a great service in dealing significant damage to Minos and thrusting the arachnid off the precipice and into the abyss. If only he’d been able to watch the eyes of Minos grow dull as the life faded from his body. If only he could have absorbed his essence before she tossed him like a basketball.

    His eyes opened, a beautiful purple hue settling on his irises. He had found a planar portal, but it was too far away for his portal to reach. He would have to dump them as close as possible. They’d made it this far, and he was certain they could make it further. The energy in the arena became violent as the bones of the consumed were ripped from their dead bodies. A shadowy aura flowed from Silvannus’ body as he continued the incantation. Dark energy crackled through the atmosphere like a thunderstorm. Like lightning spidering through the bosom of dark clouds. Bones swirled around the group, coming dangerously close to impaling a few of his comrades. Luna and Sage had not felt this dark magic before. The energy radiating from Silvannus was chaotic. They were frozen in place by the display as more and more bones ripped from the dead bodies that littered the arena. The bone storm came dangerously close to striking Marette, Visana, Ridstus, Mahisu, and Atrophos. The dark lightning struck mere inches from the gathered deities. One of the rune stones began to glow a crimson red like blood. It shot upward and connected with the bones. The runes on the rock turned black, as black as the abyss, as black as a starless night.

    The rock split into three parts and began to revolve around the team before settling over Moriteva, coming dangerously close to eviscerating him with the dark energy that shot out striking the tree, and various surfaces over and over again. Two rune stones still remained floating around Silvannus. There was an explosion of energy that washed over the arena, singeing parts of the old tree that Marette had aged to great heights. Silvannus’s eyes had turned jet black as the words he spoke were sinister in nature. The leaves on the great tree started to wilt and grow dull in response. Silvannus’ voice would make the hairs on the back of the neck stand on end. The portal ripped open and presented itself to the team, made of bones, blood, and black runes etched on every surface. The ominous aura subsided as Silvannus came to himself, his eyes returning to normal.

    “The portal is open, move quickly as I can only maintain it for a short while.”

    It was then that he heard Ridstus call out to him, using a rather adorable term. Pretty Boy. Ridstus had called him Pretty Boy. The giggle that trickled from him betrayed the serious expression on his face. The arcane overlord reached out and watched as the heart-shaped orb filled with holy energy floated to him and levitated above his hand. Ridstus intended to obliterate the arena and leave nothing standing. Such a wicked idea, but one Silvannus thoroughly supported.

    Silvannus turned to see Lunae and noticed the blood dripping from his eyes even though he was still under the spell. He motioned to Lunae and observed as Luna and Sage moved Lunae closer. Something was wrong here, and he wanted to understand what. He slowly reached out but Luna interrupted.

    Master, what power did you pull from? You know it is dangerous. I fear it may take over one day.

    “I am fine Luna, I am fine,” Silvannus said, coughing as golden liquid dripped from his mouth and splattered onto his hand. He looked down and quickly covered his mouth.


    Sage quickly released Lunae and covered Silvannus with her ribbon, trying her best to help him.

    “I am alright,” Silvannus said, “it’s just a little blood. I’m more concerned about why Lunae is bleeding from his eyes. Luna, can you sense anything?”

    Luna was silent for a bit before responding.

    Another presence. Something or someone. I cannot say, but he is experiencing pain in the dream plane resulting in damage in this plane.

    Luna did not speak as she hovered near Silvannus, Lunae still wrapped in her ribbon. Sage continued to try and heal Silvannus of any internal damage he may have received during the incantation. He turned his gaze to the heart-shaped orb that still levitated in his hand.

    “Quake the land and shift the atmosphere. With this orb, release destruction. With this orb, release chaos. OBLITERATE EXISTENCE!”

    Eyes shifting to a menacing purple, the orb began to hum violently as the curse infused with the holy power within. It shook violently above Silvannus’ hand, but he would not release it until everyone was through the portal.

    “EVERYONE…. I'd really like it if you could shimmy your sweet asses through that portal. I'd rather not see your limbs scattered everywhere... ”
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