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Thread: Trident 3

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    Carter retrieved his plate carrier from the bed, strapped his thigh holster to his leg and picked up his SR-16, already loaded with a 100 round box magazine. He slipped the three point over his shoulder then took his place in the middle of the road, walking next to Owen.

    There was several minutes of just walking, Hunter staying off the radio, and a radio would be useless to Mantis. After some time, Hunter let his rifle hang by its sling as he began to fiddle with his watch. He appeared to finish with his watch, then pulled out his PDA. After working with that, he slipped it back into his pocket, then looked to his watch.
    After a few seconds, Hunter gave a shout, "ĐI!(Go!)"
    Hunter pressed a button on his watch as him and Mantis began running at a full sprint toward the compound.
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    And this is where the fun begins Doc thought as he started running alongside the others as they continued to approach the compound on foot.
    Despite the dark, he almost expected to start taking fire at any moment.
    He started running down the list of wounds and field procedures in his mind as he ran, keeping an eye out for any movement and unwanted attention.

    If things didn't get harry before they reached the compound, they'd certainly be hectic when the got inside it.
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    Hearing the go signal, Nate went into action. He charged forward and closed the distance between him and the power generator. He posted up on some walls that separated him and the generator and proceeded to move around one side to get through the back way.

    Coming around that corner and spotting a guard, he ran up decked him across the jaw; knocking him out. He moved on inside where he spotted another boogey minding his own business. He ignored him and moved on to the generator where stuck a good amount of explosives. "This'll do the trick," as he slowly backed away.

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