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Thread: (M) Unexpected Encounters of the Knights (IC)

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    As Valeria sat there putting her flute away some thoughts about Alastair started to rush into her mind. Yes she did care about him and she knew he cared about her and had strong feelings for her plus he wanted to get her safely back home again. But if he did why was he not showing his feeling for her? Was there something more she did not know about him that made him not want to show his feelings? And what made her think about him like this right now? Valeria did not know but she wished he would open up more and show how much he did care about her so Zad could see it to. But now should she go find Alastair and see if his feelings for Zad had changed? Or should she wait for him to find her?
    Valeria sat there for a few more minutes than standing up she walked slowly back over to the pool and when she got there she knelt down next to the water. Then cupping her hands she reached down into the water and started splashing water on to her face, for she did not want Alastair to know she had been crying.

    When she was finished doing that she dried her face off with her dress then looking around to see if there was a shady place to sit and wait for Alastair to come find her. When she sees a few trees near the path that lead back up to the phoenix’s house she stood up and started walking over to them. When she got there she sat down under the trees and then taking her flute out of the bag she then put it together again. Then smiling she put the flute up to her lips and started to play a little tune she loved to hum. She hoped her playing her flute would bring Alastair to her when he hears her playing it.

    After playing it for a few minutes she stopped playing it and took the flute away from her lips and placing on her lap. As she did that she put her head back onto the trees and closing her eyes she tried to picture what it would be like if Alastair was playing along with her, because she remembered that he had said he played the flute along time ago. What could he play that she already knew? Then a thought came to her mind. What would he say and think when he saw she had her flute again? Would he change his feeling about Zad if he knew he gave it back to her? She did not know.

    As Valeria sat there she did not know Zad had been watching her in the trees a good ways back from her and he had some plans for her that she did not know about. He knew if he put a spell on her and put her to sleep she would not move from where she was at and Alastair would find her easier and wonder what was wrong with her when he saw her sitting there sleeping. Yes he would have a little fun and do that very thing to her.

    Then raising his hand he smiled and spoke these words. “Deep, deep sleep come onto her, make her sleep until her prince kisses on her lips.” After he said these words he waved his hand in the air then clapping his hands once the spell was cast. Now when this happened Valeria’s eyes open and she looked around for a minute then she yawned and started to get really sleepy. Then Valeria not sure what was wrong started to feel light headed and soon was lying on the ground fast asleep.

    When Zad saw this happen he smiled and went over to her side and checking to see if she was truly a sleeping and when he saw she was he then placed a note next to her on the ground. Now this note had Alastair’s name on it and it read this:

    “Alastair you must kiss Valeria two times on the lips and say I love you Valeria to break this spell
    and to wake her up. If you fail to do this the spell she has on her now will cause her to not be able to talk to again until you are able to break the spell which she has been carrying on her already for two years. “

    As he left the note next to her he smiled and nodded his head and then disappeared.
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    Alastair had reached the bottom of those steps making a stairway around the treelike tower that Frah, the high phoenix, had for his home, as it seemed. But where was Valeria? Had she not come down this way right before him? Maybe there were yet strange anomalies in this realm of the phoenix apart from their world that had things flow entirely differently, for each of those who had come here from outside of this realm.

    He looked around in wonder. The pool where they had been swimming was a little way from there, past some very small trees here. Could she have gone and submerged under the water, again? He would have to go look. There was almost nowhere else to look, between the two high mountain ranges on either side, that came to very high peaks one on either side so close together, just a little way further, and he knew he could walk there, and the problem of being stuck here away from their world where they had their homes would be over. But he had to find Valeria, now.

    He looked around carefully as he went toward the pool. She could not have started playing with him by hiding, could she? It would take effort to hide from where he could see her. But there, right by the edge of the pool, that is her, isn't it? But she is just lying there almost merged with the ground, and not moving! What happened?!

    Alastair hurried over, now concerned. She was there totally sprawled over the ground at the very edge of the pool. But why? He looked carefully over her, closely, to discern her breathing. She still lives! But why, after an emotional departure and hurrying down from where they were with the phoenix, would she just lie here unconscious?? And then he saw a paper, it was quite near her. And when he gave it attention, he saw his name on it, and wondered how this might be involved with what he had found.

    And then he saw it was a spell on her. She would always sleep. Unless... It must be from that wizard Valeria was talking about. But wasn't he tricky? He seemed that he would be, from what he first heard. Was she duped then after that? But he could not at all let her keep sleeping. He kissed her, twice, and told her he loved her. He knew as he did that it was not really untrue.

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