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Thread: The Unexpected Beginning for Shape Changers. (M)

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    As Kevin starts to leave Emma’s side he hears her ask a question but as he was about to answer her he sees Emma’s wholes body start to shake. He quickly runs over to her side and grabs both of her shoulders and holds her down. As he does he calls over to Ed who was on the other side of the room from him with another person. “Ed please quickly go get me the drug that stops seizures. Emma is having one right now so I can’t get it.” Ed nods his head and runs out of the room. As Kevin waits for Ed to return he continues holding Emma down because she was still having a seizure. Then as Ed runs back into the lab with the needle he quickly pushes it right into Emma’s arm. As the drug goes into Emma’s body she stops shaking. Then as Kevin lets go of her he shakes his head. “Emma we almost lost you when you were having the seizures.” he said as he takes a rag and gentle wipes the sweat off of Emma’s forehead. “Oh and to answer your question you ask me a little bit ago. Yes Daniel can come visit you every day.” he says as he pats her on the arm and nods to Ed.

    A day goes by and Daniel was finally allowed to visit with Emma. As he walks into the lab Emma was in he sees she was sleeping so he was able to stand by her side and look at her. Then smiling he leans down and kisses her on the forehead. “Emma dear it is me Daniel I am here to visit you now.” he said as he picks up her hand and gently squeezes it. Then smiling down at her when he sees her open her eyes and look up at him. “Hello Emma how are you feeling? Kevin told me he about lost you the other day when you were having those seizures. Now how in the world am I to marry you if I was to loss you?” he asks as he kisses her hand. They then talk for an hour and then Daniel looks at his watch. “Well Emma dear I was toldI had an hour with you and then Kevin needed to talk to me about something. I will try and come back again a little bit later to see you again. I love you Emma so much. Now please try and get some rest.” he says as he leans down again and kisses her on the forehead once again. Then smiling at her he then turns and leaves the lab room.

    As Daniel walks out of the room Kevin was standing outside next to the door waiting for him. “Hello Kevin you said you needed to talk to me about something?“ hesaid as he looked up into Kevin face. Kevin smiles and nods his head and starts to lead Daniel away from Emma’s room and down the hall to another lab room. “Yes Daniel I would like to talk to you about an experiment I would like to do on you and Emma. I know you two were planning on getting married today, but with Emma still recovering right now I can’t not let her leave this room. So I thought maybe I could do an experiment on both of youat the same time today. This experiment will help you two grow even more closer to each other and you will fall in love with Emma more. Plus it will make you two be able to read each other’s minds to see if you are truly ready to get married to each other. I won’t be telling Emma any of this because I am not sure she will like what we are going to do to you both. Since I have you here right now I wanted to tell you this and see if you were willing to do the experiment today.” He said as he turns on the light in the lab room they had just walked into. Now Daniel stood there not sure what to say at first, then he started to nod his head. “Okay Kevin I am willing to aloud this experiment to be done no us both as long as it will not hurt either of us. Alright now what are you waiting for let’s get this experiment started before I change my mind.” He said as he held out his hand to Kevin.

    Kevin started to laugh as he takes Daniel hand in his and shakes it. “Good I am happy to hear you want to do this experiment. No it should not hurt either of you at all.Alright before I bring Emma in here I would like for you to remove all of your clothes but keep your underwear on.Then will you please lay down on that table because I will then be giving you three shots that will relax your body and make you be hypnotized. After you get this shot you will not be able to say anything but you will still be able hear me talking. I will then leave you and go get Emma and bring her in here and do the same thing to her. Then once I get her ready I will then start the experiment on you two. Okay go head and start to undress when I go and get the drug.” he said as he turns and leaves the room.

    After Kevin leaves the room Daniel started to remove his clothing. As he does he looks around the room and he notices that there was this big glass tank next to the table and it had water in it. Was Emma and he going to be put down into this tank? But his thoughts were interrupted when he saw Kevin come back into the room. As Daniel watches Kevin come back over to him he lies down on the table and covers himself up.

    When Kevin gets back over to Daniel’s side he then nods his head. “Okay I am now ready to begin to give you the three shots. After I have given you the first shot it will only take about two minutes for the drug to start to work.” he said as he places the needle up to the middle of Daniel’s stomach. Then he starts to push it in really slowly. When it is in Daniel stomach he then holds the needle there until the entire drug comes out of the needle. As he does that Daniel’s eyes watch him closely. Then Kevin slowly pulls the needle out and refills it once again. When it is filled Kevin then place the needle up to Daniel’s neck and does the same thing but this time he only put half of the drug in. Then he takes the needle out really quickly and moves it up to Daniel’s head and jabs it in really fast. When Daniel feels it go into his head he gasps and his eyes grew wide while his mouth grows really dry.

    Then by the time Kevin has taken the needle out of Daniel’s head he has already started to relax. The next thing Kevin does is snaps his fingers and Daniel’s eyes roll back into his head and then he starts to look up at the celling like he was hypnotized. Kevin then waves his hand back and forth in front of Daniels face then when he see that Daniel’s eyes stay in one place he nods his head. “Okay Daniel don’t try and move any or get up because you may pass out. I will be back in a few minutes with Emma.” he said as he pats Daniel on the arm and then turns and leaves Daniel lying there.
    After Kevin leaves the room he makes his way back to the supply room and picks up two more needles and some more of that drug. Then as he is leaving the room he walks right into Tara. “Well hello there Tara.” he says as he takes a step back away from her. Tara jumps and give Kevin a strange look. “Oh my Kevin you need to watch out where you are going and slow down when you are leave a room.” she says as she looked down at Kevin’s hands. Kevin’s eyes grow wide when he hear her say this. “Well is that so I guess I should try and do that. Now what brings you all the way back here for?” he asks as he sees Tara looking at the needles in his hand. Tara then kind of laughs at what he says to her and nods her head. “Oh Ed needs me to get the drug that puts people to sleep because Kelly Patmore was fighting with her husband again and he can’t get her to stop.” she said as she rolled her eyes. Kevin then nods his head. “I see, well go head get it and when you are finish doing that I could use your help in lab twenty with a bonding experiment I am doing on two people.”

    When Tara hears what Kevin has to say her eyes grow wide. “Alright I will do that and join you after I am done with Ed because I would like to see how that experiment goes with them.” she said as she nods her head. Kevin then nods his head. “Alright then I will see you in a few minutes.” he says as he starts to walk down the hall to the lab room where Emma was at.

    When he gets into Emma’s room he smiles at her. “Well, well hello Emma I trust you have been resting well. I have come to take you to have a little visit with Daniel for a little while. I am sure you were not expecting to see him again today but I kind of changed my mind.” he said with a big grin on his face as he looks at her. “Would you like to do that?” he asks as he starts to pick her up into his arms and turns to walk out of her lab room. But instead of going to their cell like she thought he would be doing he turns and walks down the hall a few rooms. He knew she was now probably beginning to get confused in where they were going but did not say anything else until he reached the lab room where Daniel was at.

    When he reached lab room twenty he smiled. “Okay Emma here we are. I am sure you were not expecting to be coming here, but here is a Daniel waiting for you.” he says as he lays Emma down on the table next to Daniel. After she was lying on the table Kevin then checks on Daniel. Then coming back over to her Emma’s side he nods his head at her. “Alright Emma I am now going to ask you if you would remove all of your clothes but your underwear and bra then lay down on the table next to Daniel and cover up with this sheet. I am now going to go look for Steve and bring him back with me.” But before Emma could ask why she must remove her clothing Kevin had already walked out of the lab room. Now as Emma was undressing Daniel never moved once or even looks over at Emma, Infact he does not even say anything to her when Emma spoke to him he just keeps looking up at the celling and does not respond back to her.
    A few minutes go by and Kevin, Steve and Tara all walk into the lab room together. Kevin nods to Steve and makes his way over to Emma’s side. Then without saying anything to her he pulls the sheet off of Emma as he does that he take one of the needles out of his coat pocket and then placing the needle up to the middle of her stomach he then quickly jabs it in to her. As he holds it in her for a few minute he then looks up at her face. Then nodding his head he pulls the needle out of her really quickly and moves up to her neck and jabs it into her. When he does that he then reaches into his coat pocket again and pulls the second needle and hand it over to Steve and nods his head. Steve then come up and stands next to Emma’s head and before she could ask what he was going to do he puts the needle up to the middle of her head and quickly jabs it into her. Kevin watches Emma as the needle goes into her head and sees that her eyes also grow wide and her mouth starts to open to say something but she could not speak out to say anything because the drug has already started to work. Then as the two men pull both of their needles out of Emma the next thing Kevin dose is snaps his fingers and Emma’s eyes roll back into her head and then she starts to look up at the celling like she was hypnotized as well.

    Then Kevin looks over at Steve and Tara and nods his head after he does that he walks over near the door way and turns the lights down to a lower setting. Then he pushes another button on the wall and the celling starts to open up above Daniel and Emma. As that happens two strange things that look like robots starts to come down out of the celling and as they do it starts to take the shape of Daniel and Emma’s bodies. When the robots are laying on top of Daniel and Emma Kevin then pushes the button again. As he does that ten hundred little needles start to come out of the robots and push into Daniel and Emma body. The robots then latch on and cover their whole bodies so all that is sticking out of the robots is their heads and hands.

    Kevin then walks back over to the tables and as he does that he starts to speak to Daniel and Emma. “Okay the next thing I am going to do is I am going move Daniel’s body over top of your body Emma. When he is laying over you I want you both to then grab ahold of each other’s hands and lock them together tightly.” Kevin then nods to Steve and Tara to come help him flip Daniel over and move him over top of Emma. When the two robots come together and are lying on top of each other. Kevin then pushes a button on Daniel’s robot and a melt head piece starts to slides out over top of both of their heads, then it covers them up and close up around their necks. Steve then pulls two long chains down form the celling and hooks them up to the back of Daniel’s robot so the two of them are now just hanging above the table from the chains. Kevin then tells Steve to go head and push another button on the table underneath Emma. As he does that the table starts to move away and the glass tank is now open underneath them both.

    The next thing Kevin tells Daniel and Emma to do is open their mouths wide. Then he tells Daniel to put his tongue into Emma’s mouth. When Daniel has it inside Kevin then tells Emma to close her mouth around Daniel’s tongue. He then tells them why he is having them do this. “You did this because it will help you both focus on each other better when we put you down under the water. Kevin then starts to tell them what they will be doing next to them. “I am going to lower you both down into the glass tank that has the water in it. When you are in there, I am then going to remove the chains off of you, then you both will then start to sink down to the bottom of the tank and lay on the bottom. The next thing that will take place is the needles that are in your body right now will then start to move in and out of you which will then pump a drug into your body.

    When you feel the drug enter your bodies you will both start to have happy thoughts fill your minds. When that happens you both should be able to start to read each other’s minds. Oh and be sure to look into each other eyes as this is going on. After an hour has gone by I will then put another drug into you, this drug will start to make you have sad memoires and you will still be able to read each other’s minds. When you both have these feelings going on in your minds it will help you two come closer to each other and to know for sure that you two are meant to be together.
    When another hour has gone by I will then put one last drug into you. This drug will make your minds go blank and you will stop thinking for a few minutes. You will also pass out and your bodies will start to shake all over. When that is happening the robots that are on you will then start to come off of you both. As they are coming off I will then put a drug in to the water this drug will make both of your bodies regain strength that you may have lost from other experiment we have done on both of you. As this is taking place you will then start to float up to the top of the tank and lay there until we pull you both out. I will beletting you both lay there for a few minutes so the drug can work on you. This is when the experiment will be over. Then the three of us will pull both of you out of the water. You will still probably be out so you will not know when we take you out.

    Okay let’s get started with the experiment. Alright Steve go ahead and start to lower them into the water.” Steve nods his head and then pushes a button. They then are slowly lowered down into the water. When they are under the water Kevin then removes the chains that were holding them up and they start to fall to bottom of the tank. Kevin then pushes a button that controls the robots and all of the needles start to go in and out of their bodies. As this takes place the first drug starts to come out of the needles and enters their bodies. Now when Daniel feels all the needles start to go in and out of his body this makes his eyes grow wide and his tongue start to move wildly around in Emma’s mouth. But it only last for a few minutes because he then feels the drug start to enter into him. When Daniel feels the drug enter into him his mind starts to put happy thoughts out about Emma. As this happens Daniel starts to look straight into Emma eyes. He then starts to read her mind as each of them share the happy memories.

    Now the first happy memories he sees were when they were first put together in their cell and they met for the very first time. Then as fast as that memory enters his mind the second happy memory pops in next. This one was the time he first kissed Emma on the lips. Then when the third happy memory comes into his mind it was the time he told her he loved her and she told him she did to. Then as fourth happy memory comes into his mind it was the time he ask her to be his wife and marry him. Then Daniel looks deeper into Emma’s eyes and she starts to share her happy memories with him. The happy memories go on for another hour or so and then Daniel feels a new drug start to enter his body. This drug starts to bring really sad memories into his mind. The first sad memory was the time he saw Emma really sick after they had their first experiment done on them. Then the next sad memory came into his mind and this was the time he saw Emma when she was in a lot of pain. Then all of a sudden he starts seeing Emma’s sad memories. Her memories make Daniel start to cry and tears fell from his eyes and hit Emma in the face.

    The sad memories go on for another hour and then Daniel felt the last drug enter his body and this drug starts to make him feel really strange and he started to loss all contact to Emma’s mind and when that happened he stopped thinking and then he passes out. As this was happening Daniel and Emma’s body both start to shake like they were having seizures. Now when this was taking place all of the needles that were in them started to the pull out of them all at once and the robots then slowly fall off of them and both of their bodies lay on the bottom of the tank.

    When Kevin sees this taking place he quickly releases the strength drug into the water and it did not take it long to reach them and then both of their bodies start to slowly rise up to the top of the water. As they reach the top they start to lay there in the water. Kevin then watches them closely and lets them lay there for about thirty more minutes. As they lay there in the water the drug that was put into the water starts to cover their bodies and as that happens it gives them both strength and their bodies both start to tingle all over. After thirty minutes go by Kevin then looks at his watch and nod his head as he looks up at Tara and Steve. “Alright you two we need to remove them from the water now. Steve please go get the two back boards so we can put them on it.” he said as he started to reached into the water to check on Daniel and Emma heart rate. As he checks on Emma first he could not feel her heart beating. Then looking up at Tara he starts to shake his head. “I think we may have to shock Emma’s heart because I can’t feel her heart beating right now.” he said as he reach over and checked on Daniel next.

    Then smiling and nodding his head when he feels Daniel’s heart beating. “Daniel is fine but he must have already become alert again and is hearing us talk right now because his heart is really racing fast. Daniel if you can hear what I am saying to you right now please move your feet for me.” he says as he looks down at Daniel’s feet. Daniel dose move his feet when Kevin tell him to do it. Kevin looks up at Tara and nods his head. “Alright Daniel it won’t be much longer and we will have you both out of the water and we will then take care of Emma.” He says as he looks up and sees Steve walking back into the lab room. “Steve quickly get over here we need to get them out of the water pretty fast because Emma’s heart has stopped.” he says as he grabs the two back boards and start to put them up under Emma and Daniel bodies. “Alright you two on three help me pick them up. One…Two…Three pick them up now.” Kevin says as they started to pick up the boards and move them over to the tables next to the tank.

    As they lay them on the table Tara starts to take the melt head piece off of them. When it is off of them Steve quickly rolls Daniel off of Emma. Then Kevin starts to tilled Emma’s head back and opens her mouth so he can start to breath into her mouth. As he does that he pinches her nose and starts to breath into her. When he does that a few times he then comes off of her and Tara starts to push down on Emma chest. Kevin then starts to breathe into her again. They then take turns doing this and then Kevin looks up at Steve and shakes his head. “Still nothing is happing.” he says “Okay Steve I need you to shock her heart two times.” Steve reaches into the table and pulls out a tool he will use on her. He then puts it up to Emma’s chest pushes down and then pushes a button on it. He then shocks Emma heart two times and then move back for Kevin to feel her wrist for her poles. Kevin then nods his head and starts to smile as he feels Emma heart beating again. “Now that was a close call for us we may have lost her for good.” he says as he looks over at Daniel.

    Daniel smiles and nods his head as he start to shiver. Kevin sees this and shakes his head “I am so sorry Daniel I forgot to get you a blanket out before we put you on the table. Tara will you please get them both a blanket and cover them up.” he says as he look over at her. Tara nods and walks over to a metal cabinet that was on the wall and opens it up and takes out two blankets. Then she comes back over to the table and covers Daniel up first then she puts one on Emma next. Kevin then turns and looks at Daniel again and as he does he snaps his fingers two times in Daniel’s face. When he does that Daniel come out of his days and starts to move his head around and starts to talk. “Is Emma alright now?” he asks as he looks over at her. Kevin smiles and nods his head. “Yes she is alright but is just sleeping right now. Steve will you please give Emma a shot in the neck too wake her up.” he says as he pats Daniel on the arm.
    When Steve gives Emma a shot in the neck everyone watches her and when she gaps for air they all start to clap their hands and cheer out. “Welcome back Emma. How are you feeling right now?” Tara asks as she takes Emma’s hand in hers and gently squeezes it. But before Emma can answer her Daniel starts to speak. “Well I hope she is feeling well enough to marry me still today.” he said as he looks over at her. Kevin then starts to laugh. “I am sure she is well enough now but I still want to keep her in here one or two more days Daniel just to watch her. But I do believe it is kind of late to be having a wedding at the church. But Daniel would you like for me to marry you two right now today, right here in this lab room?

    See I was once a pastor a long time ago before I went back to school to learn how to do all this experiments then I took the job as head scientist here. So I don’t see why I could do it for you both.” Daniel eyes grow wide and a smile comes onto his face. “Oh my Kevin that would be wonderful if you could do that for us today. Emma what do you think about that?” He said as he turns his head and looks over at Emma who was trying to say something but could not yet speak out to them. Kevin then turns and looked at her and then remembers he had not yet taken her out of being hypnotized. “I am so sorry Emma I forgot about you.” he said as he snapped his fingers in her face and makes Emma come out of her days and it was not long before she could talk again as well.

    ((**Sorry it has taken me so long to post my reply and it is alright I understand that you were not able to reply to our RP right way. I hope you like my post I have done. I know I did not get to the wedding ceremony in this reply but I had a little fun with them both with the experiment I did on them. Here are a few ideas for you: If you want to have Emma respond to what I had Kevin do to her at the beginning of my post and then again in the parts I had both of them together in the water with all the happy and sad memories flooding through their minds. You could see if you can come up with a few of your own memories for Emma to give to Daniel. Then you could have her start to get dressed for the wedding at the end of your post. I will then pick up at that spot at the beginning of my next post with them having the wedding ceremony right there in the lab room. I do have a few ideas on how I am going to do it. What do you think of these ideas? **))

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    Emma slowly woke up seeing Daniels smiling face “ hi, Oh I’m just tired still form the seizures, medications and Birth” she touched his cheek “ I knew I had to live because I get to marry the kindest man I’ve ever seen” she said and talked for a long time but was sad to see him go after an hour “ I love you Daniel, I will” she smiled watching him leave the room. It had been so long since she had been away from Daniel for any amount of time it made her sad to see him go but she knew he had to. And that the scientists were doing their best to help her recover. Emma closed her eyes and rested again, slowly beginning to fall asleep.
    Emma began to dream of walking down the aisle and seeing Daniel in his suit, the flowers everywhere and the people from the town sitting there with them to celebrate. In her dream she was still pregnant but was very happy and excited. She woke hearing the doors to the lab open and saw Kevin and Tara “I would like to see him again “she said thankful that he was not going to make her walk she felt weak still. As they went deeper in to the lab she became a little nervous, she looked seeing Daniel laying still and she leaned up to look at Danile “Daniel?” she toughed his arm but his eyes didn’t move or look at her and was concerned “is he ok?” she asked as she did as was asked and laid back on the table in nothing put underwear and a bra and pulled the sheet up. As she waited, she talked to Daniel about her dream of a wedding and hoped that the experiment wouldn’t stop them from having their own child one day.

    When the scientist came back, she looked up and gasped at the jab of the needle. her belly was still tender, so it stung. She felt the needle in her neck and stayed still but the one in her head made her gasp and grab Daniels hand as it scared her more than anything she was going to say she was scared but she soon was to relax once Kevin fingers snaped she became lip and could not move or even look around. Emma panicked, not liking the feeling of being trapped. Emma panicked, feeling the needle going into her body. Holding on to Daniels hands tightly helped and looking up into his eyes made her feel safer.
    As they were lowered down, she was scared thinking that they were going to drown but with the help of the robots they did not. Slowly she calmed down once more and her back touched the bottom of the tank. As the needles move she felt Daniles tung moving and hers moved against his till the drug took ahold of her as well. Her first happy memory was how quickly she felt safe bing in a cell with Daniel, he put her at ease so quickly it made her curous in him. Her second was walking threw the town and seeing the watch shop and the chapel and the roses. Her last memory was when she was giving birth the last time and seeing Daniel holding one of the babys for the first time. It made her heart swell with such happiness.
    When her sad memories started she was crying to. The first was when the babys were taken form her. They were not really hers but she brought them in to the world and it broke her heart she would never see them grow or find their own happiness. She second was when they would take Daniel for experiments and leaving her behind . the feeling of cold and fear came over her so quickly that Daniel had become a source of happiness. The third was droning the last birth, the pain and exhaustion and when she had a c section she could feel everything but couldn’t respond . the pain and the moving inside of her. As they removed the Babys.

    (( love those ideas . I cant wait to see what you do the the reply))

    As they lost there connection eve began to shake again and when all of the needels pulled out of her she cryed out in her mind and passed out, the pain and still healing had her boddy reacting differently. Slowly as she floated to the top her heart stopped. She had an out of body experience and she cryed out curcing herboddy crying that she coudent leave like this . she needed Daniel she loved him. She struggled to get back and was begging the scientist thought they cant here her. Her boddy was doing its best to work with Steven when the first shock hit she was thrown back in to her boddy. When the second hit she was back, her boddy began to shover cold from the water. She was so thankfull she was back she didn’t want to leave Daniel. The shot went in to her neck and she gasped waking up and looked around. She tried to respond but she couldn’t, she was still stuck.

    When Keven let her go she smiled “I would love to marry you today, thank you Keven that would be perfect, Could I get your Help Tara to get dressed in my wedding dress?” she asked. Whe felt stronger then before but she needed help with her hair. Moving to a screaned part of the room she was helped to get ready and she smiedl . it was a beautifule flowing gown that would look beautifule if she was verry pregnant or not pregnant, but she hd special little images on the neck line she did by hand . a pocket watch for when they got them selves watches. A key for the access to the town, a mouce and a lion face to represent how strong he was and how timid she is . she had flat shoes on and her hair done up in a bun with some babys breath. Even warn out as she felt she looked beautiful. “ I think I’m ready “ she said the connection form the experiment fell more in to place and she felt such joy and happiness unintentionally to Daniel
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