Magic has always been a part of the fabric of our reality, it existed in the stardust of the cosmos, and it exists in the atoms that make up our persons. The first recorded magic users were in Egypt around the year 3200 BC, they were attempting to make contact with the Gods of their culture, but inadvertently let a being of untold dark power peek into our world. Around 900 BC in Ancient Greece, male philosophers and female seers formed one of the first magical societies with the aim to teach themselves and others, going so far as to travel the land, and one of these magicians had found himself in the land of Britian where he went on to teach the sorcerer who would one day be known as Merlin.

The same Merlin who would go on to mentor the famous King Arthur, who himself would perform many legendary feats, most notably pulling the sword from the stone and meeting the Lady of The Lake, but this was just a bedtime story for children. The truth was much darker, but also more grand, Merlin had an enemy that was left out of the legend, a dark and terrible wizard known as Amado D. Thoth and he would go on to become one of the darkest magical users the world would ever know. He nearly brought forth the being that the Egyptians made contact with, which turned out to be an Eldritch Horror, but with the combined might of The Knights Of The Round Table and a wizard under the guidance of Merlin named Alus Arador they banished him to another realm deep under it’s earth in a place called the Immortal Hills.

In doing so, they also needed a guardian to keep watch of Amado, so Alus made his choice and became the Clockmaster, watching over Amado for all time. As Merlin aged he came to the conclusion that other sorcerers must be trained to keep watch over this great evil and so he sent out emissaries across the globe to find others like him. Fast Forward towards the beginning of the 1900’s as an average human scientist, Nikola Tesla ran an experiment with a group of amateur magic users and discovered that each one possessed an aura.

A glow that could not be seen with the naked eye, and each one possessed a different magical aptitude, their auras were each different. It was around this time that supernatural ableism began to take root around the world and people feared those with the gift and instead of celebrated them, called them “Maggies” and herded them into their own communities. In 1905 the Census Bureau found that of the world’s population, only .01% were magically inclined, which equated to 2 million individuals at the time.

During World War 2, the Nazis formed a subsect of their military known as the Thule Society, a group dedicated to the darkest of arts with the sole purpose of subjugating the world in Germany’s image. Led by a descendant of Amado, Jakob Shulz, whose name loosely translated to God’s Sheriff, under the belief that God anointed him to raze the world. In response, the United States Military drafted and trained a group of their own magic users and christened them The United Sorcerers Of America, and wiped the floor with the Thule.

Unfortunately this was all the good will that America in particular could spare the magical community, as once the 1950s rolled around the politicians became even more fearful of the power this community wielded and created the Magician American Government Identification Charter, which would publicly out those different than the rest- much like the Mccarthy era and the red scare. The anti Magical hate had gotten so bad that they weren’t allowed in the same restaurant as normal people, they couldn’t shop in the same stores, and were even kicked out of their homes when they first displayed their powers at the age of eighteen. Then the 60s came, and all across the eastern seaboard of America african americans rose up to fight back against their own injustices and the magical individuals joined them, and this continued for several years until their leader MLK JR was assassinated at a meeting with one of the many magic user communities leaders who was also killed.

While the Civil Rights Era came and went, and the Gay Rights Era of the 70s began, it was only then that America began taking a hard look at the views they had towards the magically inclined and the Aura Unification Recognition Act was signed into law that made anti-magical sentiments a hate crime and they finally started to re-integrate into society.

Then came the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson as he did an interview with a magical individual who revealed to the world a secret that his people had kept: when a person like them turned between the ages of eighteen and twenty five, a letter would be delivered to them and transport them to another realm that taught and schooled them in many things of the magical nature, but there was a catch. For eight years they shared the school with an imprisoned monster and had to replenish the measures in place through a test, which he didn’t go into detail about, but also their time in this school would be wiped from their minds save for the skills and tools they learned, but when asked how he knew about it he teleported away and was never seen again...

Now here we are in the modern age, and a new group of students is about to begin an adventure of a lifetime...


AGE- 18 to 25

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTOR (can use words, or pictures, I would prefer as close to real world as we can get, but I'm not picky)

MAGICAL APTITUDE SCALE 1-8- let's take pyromancy as an example, and this is a freshly turned eighteen year old, 1 would mean he’s the equivalent of a matchstick, he can make small flames but not much else, while a 25 year old with advanced training being a 7 or 8 could create flaming armor, or flaming constructs

MAGICAL AURA- Each character gets one school of magic they can use, so you would have to choose between pyromancy and being, say Aquakinetic

MAGICAL POWERS- This is a subset of your aura, take pyromancy again. Are you defensive or offensive, can you shoot it out like a flamethrower, or create a wall of flame

CLASS SCHEDULE- From the list I provided in the interest check, we’ll be taking all the classes, but you can take them in any order you wish, at the bare minimum it equates to three classes a day, or if you want to be an overachiever and do all 23 classes a day, it’s up to you

CLUBS- I only listed a couple, but feel free to make your own, I provided some lore in my worldbuilding, use it how you wish