Hello everyone, I've come up with an idea for a Sci-Fi Thriller called Those Who Remain. It's focuses on three characters, Jaynold Hughes, Marras Kechet, and Goolis Monoko/The Poacher.

Jaynold Hughes is the son of king Razabolt Hughes, a dictator of the planet Vala. Jaynold wants to break free of his father but can't due to the fact that his father is a dictator and will kill Jaynold if he tries to leave.

Marras Kechet is the daughter of a high nobleman, and is currently trying to kill Jaynold's father Razabolt. She plans on marrying Jaynold and taking the throne for herself. She is currently dating Jaynold but finds the relationship troublesome.

Goolis Monoko, nicknamed The Poacher, is the head guard of Jaynold and keeps eyes on Jaynold constantly. He plans on figuring a way out of his job, but fears that he will be killed if he just quits or gets fired.

The story is all about Jaynold trying to escape the throne, Goolis helping him escape the throne in order to lose his job, and Marras trying to kill the king and keep Jaynold on the throne, as Jaynold has become beloved by the military and if he leaves then the unpopular Marras will likely get overthrown.

I'm not sure on how long this will take, but I wanted to see what people think of it. So, any interest?