Even though Regina was quickly feeling the world close in around her, Anke's voice pierced the veil enough to get the troubled soldier to listen to her. Regina wasn't sure what was off with her comparison of dueling pianos, but she seemed more content with giving some credit to the rest of the orchestra instead. Regina didn't ask, focused on the metaphor. "An...organist..." Regina wasn't sure what the inherent difference was. They were both piano-like instruments, but Regina also wasn't sure what made her an organist as opposed to a drummer or a trumpeter. "I don't understand, but...it's okay." Regina seemed to understand, at the very least, that some things weren't necessarily meant to be understood, but merely accepted. Anke's insistence that she be the pianist was one of them.

"If we were...getting into the logistics of instruments..." Regina seemed to be recovering from her near-spiral, sitting up in the bed again. "I would akin myself closer to the drummer. Prefers to keep to the background and just do my job so that everyone else can. I follow my superior, but if I am disarrayed, so will everyone else. Without me, the orchestra has nothing to listen back to." Regina seemed to have calmed down a bit more, able to analyze the situation a bit before she shook her head. "And I am the one everyone hears, even if I'm not always the featured instrument." Regina sighed, then shook her head, evidently still lost on something.

Regina, however, began to grow a bit agitated at Anke's take on scars. Yes, nobody was perfect, but..."You don't get it." Regina's voice was quiet, but had fallen back to the emotionless neutral she defaulted to in times of need. "It is my job to be perfect. I don't get to strive to be perfect, my orders are to be perfect. If I am not, then someone else will. I cannot simply choose to fail. Anything that is a reminder of why I'm not perfect...." Regina shook her head. "It is unacceptable. If I want to continue to serve the people who gave me that chance in the first place, then I have no choice but to continue to do what you deem as impossible. These scars...they are a reminder that once I was not. And I don't need to give myself or my superiors any reminders of what I am at my worst...." Regina shook her head, evidently displeased with herself even at Anke's reassurance that not being ready was okay. "If I'm not perfect, I have no value beyond being a data point. Something to help Osnen find the perfect soldier." Regina sighed, then shivered a bit.

After a moment, Regina seemed to give up on being strong, moving to rest her head on Anke's shoulder. "I'm afraid." Regina spoke softly, shaking her head on the headrest she'd taken. "One day, I'm going to fail. And then I'm going to...." Regina shivered, a tiny sound coming from her throat. "They'll make me...better." Regina seemed to know exactly what she meant by that vague phrase. "Or they'll throw me out...and make someone else better." For once, Regina seemed honest about the expectations placed on her.