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Thread: DAYS AFTER〔M〕〔IC〕「Hoef & MidKnight」

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    Probably because this place has running power and luring unsuspecting targets like survivors would be a great meal ticket. But that would also means...

    Rodriguez groaned softly to himself, "Just our luck.."

    Darius ran the scenarios in his head, and drew only one conclusion. "This was a trap." He narrowed his eyes as he identified three people in the immediate vicinity of the door. He closed it and glanced back at Rodriguez saying, "You knock the two on right, and I'll knock the one on the left. Clear?"

    "Crystal," Rodriguez readied himself.

    Darius nodded and came back to the door. He slowly pulled it open, just enough to get his body through quietly. He stalked up to the guy on the left, all the while Rodriguez lined up his two shots. And when Darius had gotten the drop on the marauder, Rodriguez took that as the que to let two rounds fly. Each round landed, killing both men before they even realized they were being attacked.

    Darius pulled the knifed corpse off into the shadows of the bonfire, and Rodriguez toss the last remaining two bodies into the fire; stripping all three of any valuables. After collecting ammo, keys, and any other necessary items, the pair crossed that room to the opposite end. Over there, was a double door that led into a hallway with stairs at the end. They came to the staircase, and began to scale its steps.

    "We're ascending to the second floor," Darius radioed, "Jade, what're eyes see on those petrol stores?"

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    Jade was kneeling in a hidden position after disposing a few more bodies. She was looking down at a street opposite of the compound facility. She kept an eye out for anymore stragglers that the horde had left. She was a little surprised the horde did not see the building with lights on. The Marauders must have kept silent or turned off the lights until it passed. A few stragglers would be easy work unless they grouped together.

    She listened when her radio went off and heard her Captain. "We're ascending to the second floor, Jade, what're eyes see on those petrol stores?"

    She looks confused at first until she looked around and sees a general store that looked like it had better days and another building that looked like a gas station. She pressed on her radio and replied softly. "I could look around in the general store for a couple of jerry cans...then again both buildings looked like they went through a few rounds with mother nature."

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