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Thread: Looking for a roleplay partner

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    Default Looking for a roleplay partner

    I have a few ideas message me if any peek your interest
    1) Pretty simple it would be a story based off player/flirt x president student counsel our characters have ever meet but lately your character has been causing trouble and it always comes to my character having to drag you to the princaples office. At first it was just your character being your character but he begins to cause trouble to try and get closer to my character whos never dated or thought of the idea of getting with anyone, nor does she have much 'fun' he teachs her how to live a little

    2) basically a goody two shoes x a bad boy, they used to be childhood friends but since high-school started she had cut him off because if his habits and friends, however now they share the same class and have the same project, so he basically teaches her how to live a little and they argue and make up over and over again

    3) pretty vague to leave room to do basically whatever we want, it would be playboy x new girl, where the playboy has been given a dare by one of his friends to try and win the girl over in 30 days on the day of homecoming if he does he wins a thosand dollars since they believe he cant do it. However as the challange goes on he begans falling for her, along with herself she began to trust him and he won her over, until she found out about the bet he got his money but lost her now he would have to try and win her back (this would start when they first meet)

    4.) Vampire x kidnapper (human) This would be a forbidden romance, where my character has been kidnapped by the vampires and she has been forced to be around them, eventually she finds comfort in your character and they fall in love however vampires where never allowed to fall in love with humans, and then we go from there

    5.) Mafia romance, daughter of mafia x bodyguard, you have been tasked with a job to keep the mafia daughter out of danger and inside the manison a job which practically every guard had either quite or died, maybe you can live through it and keep the job,...or maybe there will be a differnet problem that were never allowed to fall for the girl..

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