Just a place to post neat facts about video games, similar to the Music Facts thread in the Music section.

Got a couple for you to start.

Bloodrayne was never supposed to happen. It entered development with the intention of being the sequel to Terminal Reality's 1999 survival horror game NOCTURNE.

In the lates 80's, video games were dying, companies going out of business left and right. Now, we're looking at one of these companies.
A company knew it was going out of business, but they also knew they had barely enough for development and cart costs for one final game.
So the game was developed and released, and the company went quiet. For two weeks.
Two weeks later, this company called Nintendo. Nintendo assumed this call was to let Nintendo know that they were going out of business and thanking Nintendo for their partnership. This call was to order 40,000 more cartridges, and over the years this company released many sequels to this game, the first installment essentially saving the company.

The company was SquareSoft, and the game was Final Fantasy.