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Thread: Help with private chat

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    Default Help with private chat

    I need help how delete private message when I want see new message can u please help me?

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    Hello @kitsune_rosia. If using the desktop, you'll note that in your inbox there is a small check box to the right hand side of each message, you can select the messages you wish to delete and scroll to the bottom where you'll see a drop down for "Selected Messages." From there you can select the delete option.

    You can also reply directly to other users in threads where you have been tagged or mentioned. Here are a few things which might be helpful reminders:

    Why is your username in yellow?
    The yellow tint indicates that you're still a brand new member to the forum community. Note that there are some limitations to your access, such as limited number of PMs (about 2, so you may wish to clear your inbox after you've made your replies.) and the inability to view member profiles.

    When will I be upgraded to a full member?
    Typically it's about 10 contributing posts, but the quickest path is to simply be active, post and engage with the community. This will also grant you access to a full inbox. Whether that be in RPs or in our social sections. Go on, say hello!

    What's the first thing you should do as a new member?
    Take a quick read and familiarize yourself with the rules of our forum. I know, I know, rules already? These rules are straight forward and designed to protect all members of the RPA community. They're for your benefit, I promise!
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