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Thread: ❥ (A rather late) Introduction ❣

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    Default ❥ (A rather late) Introduction ❣

    。:∞♡♥ Limerence. | Casual lazy lit. | Mid twenties | US EST. ♥♡∞:。

    Hello, everyone! I've had this account for a while, but I've yet to actually introduce myself.

    I consider myself "inexperienced" due to not having delved into many genres and settings, along with only writing within my friend group. I've only had two long-term partners, so, I'm hoping to change that. Not aspiring to be a professional writer, though. This is just a hobby for me.

    I'm not seeking RP right now, but I hope to get into RP soon!

    Will try to keep the list short, but here are things that interest me.
    ✦ I like romance and unfortunately require it to be in RPs, be it central or subplot. I get bored otherwise. ;;

    ✦ Adores: Modern day(mixed with other genres), Horror/thriller, Supernatural, Urban & low fantasy.

    ✦ Very addicted to coffee & trying to transition to tea, haha.
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    A belated welcome to you!


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