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    Default Might be brief...


    Not new to the whole RPing thing. Really I jump from site to site too much over the past few years.
    I consider myself to be fairly vanilla when it comes to the 'down and dirty' moments, but still manage to be the strangest piece of work when it comes to what I usually look for. For example I prefer FxF pairings, though I can also do futa. I like monster girls if the plot for it makes sense with them in it. Hell. I'm even leaning more towards story focused RPs than having a smut fest because, well, it gets boring when there's sex in nearly every scene there is.

    If and when I get around to doing a request thread, it's likely going to look like I haven't put any effort into it. And that'll be because frankly, I'm burned out from typing out a huge wall of text containing some of my main interests in kinks along with why, plus ALL the possible plots I look for in relative detail. Including variations of some of the plots.

    That being said, despite my... lacking in literature skills (having dyslexia... seriously, who came up with a word like that for people like myself?), I do put in the effort when posting in a RP. Not in a novel amount, but enough to, you know, set the scene, what the characters are doing, how they look as best I can, etc. And I consider myself to be fairly active. Especially when I'm really invested in a RP. So my replies will be daily... except for moments if I happen to be ill or I'm busy for the day.

    Ok, maybe not the briefest of into, but... blegh

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    Welcome to our humble abode! I hope you'll be happy and find some roleplays that suit your interests.


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