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Thread: The Great Migration FAQ

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    Default The Great Migration FAQ

    Will my username and password stay the same?

    Yes - however the confirmation for Jcink will be sent to the same email that you created RPA with, so make sure you still have access to this email and contact a member of staff ASAP if you don't.

    Will my old RPs be transferred?

    Yes - anything that is in a post / thread will be carried over to the new site

    Will my PMs be transferred?

    No - however at the bottom of your PM inbox on RPA there is a button to download all of your PMs into a file that you can save to your device.

    Will my blogs be transferred?

    No - therefore we will be creating a sub-forum for people to create threads with copies of their blogs and anything else they wish to save for transfer.

    Will my avatar and signature be transferred?

    No - therefore we recommend that you save these offline so you can reupload them to your new profile on Jcink.

    Will badges be transferred?

    Yes - badges will be transferred!

    Will rep be transferred?

    No - reputation earned on RPA will not transfer to the new jcink site as it's simply not supported.

    Will join dates be transferred?

    Yes - users will maintain their join date! We ask that you please verify your email address as you will have to reset your password once we've moved to the new site.

    Will the old site redirect to the new one?

    Yes - We will still be using the URL. You will still be able to find RPA through this.

    Will my about me transfer over?

    No - Outside of your username, all account information will not be carried over. If you want to save any of that information, please do so.

    Will user emojis carry over?

    Yes - We be adding all user emojis to the new board, as this is something they have earned.

    Will my subscribed threads carry over?

    No - Any threads that you are subscribed to will not carry over. If you have any threads you want to continue following you will have to go onto the new site and add them to your subscribed list.
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