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Thread: New Member Restrictions

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    Default New Member Restrictions

    Currently we have a few minor restrictions on the new member category. To prevent the increase of spammers from flooding the inboxes of our members with junk mail, we now require the new members to have a number of contributing posts before they can private message, or view profiles.

    There is no magic number for advancement. Each new member is carefully checked out by the admins on this site - our staff are very committed to promoting the people who deserve it in a timely manner.

    Some great ways to advance from the new member category are to make an introduction thread, play some downtown games, or participate in a few roleplays that are located all over the forum. Rest assured we do have many good reasons for these restrictions, and they do serve a purpose besides being a minor nuisance.

    It should only take you a short time to advance into the member category. So please have patience with us and do your best to ignore this minor inconvenience. We are certain that you can still be active and participate in the forum without the ability to pm and view member profiles. We hope to see you in the welcoming forum soon! Thanks for joining Roleplay Adventures.

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