Have you ever wanted to know what it takes to be a moderator here and what might be expected of you if you were? Are you Curious what the staff members look for in a new moderator, and what knowledge you should have to become a part of the team? This is the thread for you!

Moderator Qualities:

• Patience.
• You must be able to be diplomatic when dealing with member issues.
• You must have time to dedicate to the position.
• You must be able to work as a team player.
• You must be able to accept constructive criticism well for the sake of learning how to grow as a moderator.
• You need to understand that being a staff member means being able to put your duties ahead of your play time.
• You must be willing to correct members, even if they are your friends.
• You must take your job seriously and never abuse your power as a member of the staff.
• You must realize that everyone has a point.
• You must be tolerant of the fact that we, as staff, aren't always going to be agreed with.
• You need the ability to learn things quickly.
• You must be willing to ask questions about anything you don’t understand.
• You must possess a firm grasp of the rules, and be able to enforce them.
• You need to be able to follow instructions and take the initiative to get things done.
Communication, communication, communication. As a member of the staff, you must be able communicate with the other members of the staff and of the forum.
• You must be able to complete your duties in the amount of time allotted to you.
• You must be trustworthy. Threads in the staff forum are not to be repeated or pasted anywhere else.
• You must give opinions and honest, unbiased answers.

Moderator Duties Include (But Are Not Limited to):

• Roleplay Cleanup - Each month the site staff go through all of the roleplays and remove the inactive ones. We work together to keep inactive threads from piling up.
• Forum Policing - Each moderator has a specific section of the forum that they check more thoroughly than the others for spam, rule breaking, and misplaced threads.
• Roleplay of the Week and Advertising Help - As a moderator, if a member comes to you asking for your help to let other members know about a particular roleplay. It is the responsibility of the staff to help the members keep their games as active as possible when asked.
• Peacekeeping - Moderators are to look at each situation with an unbiased eye and try to resolve issues in the fairest way possible.
• Input - Whether it be drama related or a suggestion for improving the site, moderators are encouraged to give their opinions on the subject. We are a team.
• The Staff Forum: Moderators are responsible for reading everything that is posted in the staff forum without being told to or reminded. It is each staff member’s own responsibility to make sure they themselves are up to date.